Information on the Hansgrohe@home app (with video)

The hansgrohe@home app – your consultancy tool

Plan your shower, wash basin or kitchen sink using your iPad or smartphone

Virtual bathroom and kitchen planning: sounds like a future dream, but in fact it's already a reality. This useful mobile tool shows your customer what hansgrohe mixers and shower solutions would look like in his home. With the hansgrohe app* he can “beam” the innovative mixers onto his existing wash basin/sink or in his shower: using his iPhone or Android smartphone. With particularly realistic simulation, he can conveniently do his planning using the large iPad display.

Demonstrate the inspiring capabilities of the hansgrohe app to your customer during consultation. Or have fun planning with him. Use the app as a mobile exhibition tool: for example, simply place the virtual hansgrohe mixers onto the wash basins in your exhibition booths. Later, your customer can take his pick from hansgrohe's wealth of options at home and go through the various mixers in conjunction with his wash basin.

Here's how to use the hansgrohe app to plan a bathroom or kitchen:

1. Take a photo of the wash basin/shower installation using your smartphone or iPad
2. Erase the existing mixer/shower by swiping it
3. Put your mixer/shower of choice in its place

Use the hansgrohe app to assist customers in making purchasing decisions

Your customer can store the photo montage in his mobile phone gallery, send it to friends or print it out. And if anyone wants to get the job sorted without further ado: the hansgrohe app also shows you how to find the nearest dealer.

QR code for iPad, iPhone and Android.

One fits all: QR code for iPad, iPhone and Android.

iPhone screenshots of the app


Step by step guide to experiencing design and functionality in your bathroom and kitchen

  • Hansgrohe@home app start screen
  • 1st step of the Hansgrohe@home app
  • 2nd step of the Hansgrohe@home app
  • 3rd step of the Hansgrohe@home app
  • 4th step of the Hansgrohe@home app
  • 5th step of the Hansgrohe@home app
  • Save image using Hansgrohe@home app

Here's how to download the hansgrohe@home app using the QR code

QR codes deliver important information straight to your mobile phone. Simply:

  • Start the QR code reader
  • Scan the QR code
  • Download the hansgrohe app free of charge from iTunes or Google Play

(*Please note that the local conditions of use apply to usage of the hansgrohe@Home app.
Parts of this website are copies of works created and distributed by Google, and these are used in compliance with the terms and conditions specified in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.)

Version 4.0:

  • New products to try out – for the kitchen now too!
  • More intuitive user navigation
  • iOS 7 support

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