The Havenhostel in Bremerhaven offers affordable contemporary living and environmentally-friendly bathroom comfort.

Havenhostel Bremerhaven: a comfortable hostel that protects the environment

An environmentally friendly stay in a historical setting

There’s a breath of fresh air about the Havenhostel in Bremerhaven. Some innovative accommodation facilities have sprung up at the waterfront of Germany’s only city on the North Sea: facilities suitable for young people, groups, families and business travellers alike. The combination of hotel and budget-priced hostel is currently all the rage. When undertaking this project, the architects also took into account the ecological considerations. As a result, they used products from the Hansgrohe brand.

The building, with its 88 rooms and 262 beds, uses water-saving mixers and showers from Hansgrohe, drastically reducing water and energy consumption. The architects also focused on sustainability when preserving the listed building. After all, the former marine barracks is located close to the innovative Klimahaus 8° Ost, which is a symbol of the seaside town’s climate competence.

The linear and functionally designed bathrooms in the Havenhostel are furnished with Hansgrohe Talis E² basin mixers, and the durability and discreet luxury of these match the building’s understatement look perfectly. EcoSmart technology means that the mixers are truly water-saving – without compromising on convenience.

The showers themselves are also endowed with features relevant to environmental awareness. The Hansgrohe water-saving shower Crometta 85 Green means that guests can enjoy an amazingly pleasurable shower experience with less resource consumption. And of course less hot water means less energy consumption. The motto of the hotel operators is “Das Klima stimmt!” (“The Climate is Right!”).

Location: Bremerhaven, Germany
Architecture: schultz sievers.architektur
Products:  Hansgrohe Talis E, Crometta 85 Green

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