Conditions of Use Dealer Recommendation

Status 03 / 2012

For the provision of the feature of the dealer recommendation by Hansgrohe SE the following conditions of use apply.

1. Services

We provide the users of our website with the feature “Dealer Recommendation”. With the aid of the Dealer locator feature, the user can select specialist dealers and then send their address data to recipients selected by him per email or text message. The user thereby enters the recipients and their address data (email address or mobile phone number) himself. We then create the message content (dealer address data and required imprint details). In case of text messages the user cannot change or supplement the text, in case of emails he can additionally insert contents in the reference line and in the text of the messages. Messages are sent unencrypted and will not be sent in the event of a corresponding declaration to us by the recipient.

2. Our Responsibilities

The provision of the feature “Dealer Recommendation” is a voluntary and gratuitous service provided by us which can be discontinued or restricted at any time. We do not check the correctness of the address data of the recipient entered by the user and do not guarantee the availability of the feature or the successful sending or receipt of the emails or text messages.

3. Responsibility of the User

The user confirms that the recipient agrees to the receipt of a message.

With the exception of the dealer address data provided by us, the user is exclusively responsible for the contents created, selected and sent by him or his representatives or any other persons with access to his internet access. To the extent the user can supplement or create contents, in doing so he may not violate applicable law, in particular he may not circulate any content that is illegal, infringes copyrights or is objectionable. The use of the “Dealer Recommendation” feature for sending mass e-cards and all other forms of advertising or marketing messages or chain letters is not permitted.

4. Liability of the User for his Behaviour

The user is liable towards us for breaches of his contractual or statutory duties pursuant to the statutory provisions.

The user also indemnifies us against any claims of third parties which are asserted against us due to an infringement of rights of third parties on grounds of his use. In the event a user breaches his duties, contravenes applicable law or behaves contra bonos mores, we reserve the right to partially or permanently exclude him from using the website.

Data Protection Notices

If you use our feature “Dealer Recommendation”, we will collect and use the email addresses, mobile phone numbers and names you give for the sender and recipient, as well as any message entered by you on grounds of our statutory permission and pursuant to our data protection notices.

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