Industrial Property Rights

Status 04 / 2013

With respect to the industrial property rights and copyrights to the contents of the websites of Hansgrohe SE the following applies:

All pictures, graphics, files, texts and other contents of this website are protected by copyrights, trade mark rights or other industrial property rights. The reproduction, publication, further processing or any other use in electronic media, other websites, print media or in any other way require both for private as well as commercial usage our express prior written consent, to which no claim exists.

We endeavour in all publications to observe the industrial property rights and copyrights of the pictures, graphics, files, texts and other contents of this website.

All industrial property rights and copyrights both named and not named in our website offer, acquired by us or where applicable by third parties, are subject without limitation to the provisions of the respective applicable national and international law and the rights and claims of the respective registered or unregistered holder of the right. No conclusion can be drawn purely from the mere naming or non-naming of the right that no industrial property rights and copyrights of us or third parties exist.

The copyright of some of the photos published on this website belongs to mearicon, indochine, Andre Bonn, P.C., Konstantin Yugano, Manfred Ament, fotoflash, Franz Pfluegl, Beboy, Spectral-Design, typomaniac, WavebreakMediaMicro, matka_Wariatka, George Mayer, © auremar, Ray, archideaphoto, arsdigital, © Anna Khomulo, © Yuri Arcurs -

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