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many of your questions have been frequently asked before and we can provide many practical tips here online. The information does not claim to be exhaustive but can often point you in the direction of the solution. Simply select the product category that you need or the topic that you want to find out more about.

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Waste systems

Which drain is recommended for an XXL shower system?

The RainDrain XXL drainage system (item no. 60067000) is recommended for a large overhead shower, for instance. Drain performance is 51 litres/minute, in accordance with DIN EN 274.

The test inlet on my Exafill/ Exafill S does not close completely, why?

The test inlet must not be completely leak-tight. This is the only way to make apparent that the mixer must be closed or the iBox universal must be plugged up. The reason for this: there must be no shut-off valve installed after a single lever mixer (cross-flow).

The jacket pipe of the Flowstar siphon is too short. Can the siphon still be used?

Yes. The siphon can be used with a longer immersion pipe (200 mm) and pipe cladding no. 96553XXX.
The additional pipe cladding is pushed over the existing cladding and clipped into the spigot nut.

How should I secure an Exafill waste set that is used in conjunction with the iBox universal?

When using in conjunction with an Exafill, we recommend using a pre-fab set with integrated safety combination. The iBox universal must then be installed + 280 mm (centre) above the highest possible dirty water level according to DIN EN1717.

For more information, please refer to the installation examples in the iBox universal installation manual.


How can I uninstall the fittings from the Axor collections Axor Terrano, Axor Carlton, Axor Citterio, Axor Citterio M, Axor Montreux, Axor Uno² or Axor Uno?

The fittings from the Axor lines Axor Terrano, Axor Carlton, Axor Citterio, Axor Citterio M, Axor Montreux, Axor Uno or Axor Uno² can be uninstalled by pushing a pin through the hole using a thin object, e.g. an allen key (2 width A/F), while simultaneously pulling the holding part forwards.

Lotion dispenser does not dispense lotion any more. What can I do?

If you have not used the dispenser for a while, the lotion may have dried out and gone hard in the pump. Clean the lotion dispenser pump by soaking in hot water and then rinsing out.


How does the HG PuraVida 15805XX0 electronic kitchen mixer work?

This video demonstrates how the mixer works.

Can I manipulate the exit angle of a Hansgrohe basin mixer's water jet?

Hansgrohe offers the option of a swivelling standard aerator (item no.: 95400000) with M24x1 outer thread. With this, the water jet can be adjusted by approx. 8° all around. This video demonstrates how to replace the existing aerator with this one and how it works.

Angle valves with fine filters are included with electronic basin mixers. Do these need to be installed as well?

The included angle valves must be installed in order to prevent incoming dirt from the supply network. Incoming dirt can impair the function and/or result in damage to the mixer's functional components. Damage resulting from this is not covered by our warranty!

Can I convert older concealed mixers to a new design?

There are several options for converting older concealed mixers to a new design. For example, concealed shower mixers can be fitted with a modern ceramic mixer system using the conversion kit 96384000. A contemporary handle can then be installed on the mixer in accordance with the design. You can find more information, with the appropriate item numbers, in our electronic spare parts catalogue

The mixer for an open water heater drips during the heating process. What can I do?

Dripping water escapes via the spout so as to ensure that no excess pressure develops in the open water heater during the heating process. This is physically necessary. It is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the mixer or a warranty or guarantee claim.

The pivot shaft of the kitchen mixer is leaky. What could be the cause of this?

The mixer's pivot shaft seals are soiled or damaged. The necessary assembly steps for replacing the seals can be found in the appropriate installation manual for the spare part. Make sure that the lip seals of the seal set are not too heavily greased.

My mixer or shower is dripping, what can I do?

When a mixer or shower is switched off, it is physically necessary for it to drip briefly. This is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the mixer or a warranty or guarantee claim.

Only a small amount of water is flowing through the basin mixer. What can I do?

If only a small amount of water is flowing through the mixer, even when the mixer is fully turned on, then this could be caused by a dirty aerator. The following video on YouTube describes in detail how to clean the aerator.

How can I service a mixer with mixer ball technology?

The different ways of dismantling the individual mixers are described in the corresponding installation manual for the spare part.
ATTENTION: The service grommets are installed WITHOUT springs.

How do I remove a cartridge?

The necessary assembly steps for replacing a cartridge can be found in the appropriate installation/service instructions for the spare part.

Detailed installation/service instructions are supplied with the spare part and can also be accessed in the spare parts catalogue.

Can the hot water temperature be restricted on Hansgrohe mixers?

The maximum hot water temperature can be restricted on Hansgrohe mixers with ceramic cartridge M1/M2/M3 (not on joystick cartridges) and on all thermostats. You will find the precise procedure in the relevant installation manual.

This installation video on YouTube also demonstrates the precise procedure. 

How can I clean the grommet seat or seal off the old mixers with mixer ball technology?

Use synthetic fleece to clean the grommet seats to avoid surface damage. Instead of standard springs and grommets, please only use the service grommet which belongs to the scope of delivery with each service set no. 13952000.

Why is the electronic mixer buzzing or whistling in waiting position?

The non-return valves, which are located in flow direction after the connection hoses, are damaged and overflowing. The non-return valves must be tested and if necessary replaced. You will find the appropriate spare parts number in the relevant installation manual.

How are the supply hoses replaced on the Axor Arco basin mixer?

The supply hoses are screwed into the basin mixer from below without any extra tools (right-hand thread) and are sealed using O-rings. To replace them, the old hoses are unscrewed (anti-clockwise) and the new hoses, item no. 96507000, are screwed in clockwise.

Can the connection hoses be replaced on mixers?

The hoses can be replaced on all standing mixers (basin mixers, bidet mixers and kitchen mixers). Please refer to the installation manual supplied with the spare part for how to dismantle the mixer hoses.

Can the lever/star handles on Axor Citterio mixers be aligned horizontally and vertically?

There are three possible ways to align the lever/star handles on Axor Citterio mixers:
1) on the toothing of the actuating shaft,
2) at the internal hexagon of the connection shaft,
3) by turning the handle parts towards each other.
You will find the precise procedure in the relevant installation manual.

Which mixers have a cartridge and which mixers have grommets installed individually into the base set?

Mixers were converted to cartridge models from 1994 onwards. This can be seen on the flexible connection hoses on standard mixers.
All mixers with a ceramic mixer system have a cartridge installed.

The mixer is not tightly connected to the shaft mounting. What could cause this?

The connection hose has been twisted during installation and may have damaged the O-ring. When connecting to the angle valve, it is important to hold the hose in place with an open-end wrench in line with the instructions in the installation manual. Otherwise, the hose may have twisted out of the mixer body. Before tightening the spigot nut, screw the hose back into the mixer body and follow the necessary steps in the installation manual. If necessary, replace the O-ring.

Is there a shaft extension for a basin mixer?

On basin mixers with a threaded shaft with a 32 mm diameter, the shaft can be extended by 35 mm with a shaft extension (item No: 13898000).
Mixers are therefore installable in plate thicknesses of up to 70 mm.
Alternatively, the installation surface below can be lowered (min. 55 mm) – observe bearing capacity/tensile strength!
On basin mixers with a stud fixture, the fixture can be extended using a conventional threaded rod M8.

How can screw-in hoses that have been too tightly screwed into the base set be dismantled?

The screw-in hoses are only screwed into the mixer unit from below by hand using a low tightening torque. If the hoses cannot be easily unscrewed by hand for disassembly, there is the option of inserting e.g. welding wire. The welding wire stops the hose from turning, which makes it easier to dismantle. Now dismantle the hose together with the welding wire.

Is the installation plate on the 4-hole mixers removable?

No, the installation plate on the 4-hole mixers is not removable. The installation plate does not have to be removable to carry out servicing as all service work can be carried out from above. Individual components are serviced by dismantling the visible parts. You will find more information in the installation manual included with the spare part.

Why does the shower hose not slide well in the Secuflex?

In most cases, lack of movement in the Secuflex hose is due to dirt. We recommend completely dismantling the Secuflex from above and cleaning the inner hose and protective hose. Rub the inner hose with a silicone cloth and pull the cloth through the protective hose several times. Another option to ensure functional ease of movement is to spray the shower hose with silicone spray no. 97864000. The silicone film minimises friction and prevents deposits.

Where must the water connection be for the Secuflex bath tub rim set?

The water connection DN15 internal thread must be installed at a maximum distance of 30 cm as otherwise dismantling will be impossible for service work. For more information, please refer to the Secuflex installation manual.

Is there an option of installing the bath tub rim shower support no. 28307000 into a thicker shelf support?

The bath tub rim shower support can be extended by 35 mm with shaft extension no.13898000.
Alternatively, the installation surface below can be lowered (min. 55 mm).
Observe bearing capacity/tensile strength!

What mixing technology (concealed bath tub/shower area) is installed? The installation date is unknown.

Is a 3-pc allen key required for dismantling the mixer handle?
If yes, then either cartridge no.14096000 or service set no. 13952000 is required to eliminate the leak.
In other cases, cartridge no. 92730000 is required to eliminate the leak.

Another indication of the build year is the position of the handle.
If the handle points down and the diversion is at the top, then cartridge no. 92730000 is required.
If the handle points up and the diversion is at the bottom, then cartridge no. 14096000 or service set 13952000 is required.

The connections of the exposed installation mixer are leaky. What could be causing this?

Before installing the mixer take care to ensure, in order to compensate for differences in dimension, the S connections have been fitted free of tension and that the specified installation dimensions have been complied with. It is absolutely essential that you use the original seals, damaged seals must be replaced where necessary.

The diverter on the bathroom mixer does not automatically return to its original position. What can I do?

The O-ring or the push rod of the diverter are either dirty or degreased. Both must be cleaned if necessary, and lubricated with silicone grease.

I only get a low water flow from the kitchen mixer with pull-out shower / pull-out spout. What can I do?

Between the pull-out hose and pull-out shower there is a little filter screen, pushed into the pull-out hose connection fitting. Remove this using a sharp object, clean it and put it back in.

The two jet types converge on the Axor Steel hand shower head. How can I remedy this?

Replace the hand shower head. This cannot be repaired by customers.
You can obtain the spare part hand shower head under item number 3589380X via your specialist bathroom retailer.

The swivel spout on the kitchen mixer leaks. What can I do?

If water leaks in the lower region once the mixer is opened, the seals must be replaced in order to properly seal the swivel spout. You must follow the instructions in the particular installation manual for your model when replacing the seals.

How can I move the Variarc sink unit mixer with pull-out shower if I need to open the window?

Hold the base body of the mixer (NB: not the spout!), pull it upwards, and lay the mixer down sideways on the worktop (on a cloth or similar).

What should be done if water is leaking from the diverter on my concealed mixer?

Clean the pull rod and the O-ring of the diverter and grease it with silicone grease.
The silicone grease promotes the sliding behaviour of the O-ring and enhances the seal.

Purchasing Hansgrohe products

Is there somewhere I can test the products without obligation?

In the Hansgrohe Aquademie, we show you a cross-section of our current products and collections from the Hansgrohe and Axor brands. In the Showerworld you can test out the Hansgrohe shower experience for yourself and have lots of fun doing so. Find out here where else in your area you can test and experience Hansgrohe products.

Where can I get brochures?

You can download brochures on Hansgrohe products directly via our home page or request them using the order form.

How long can I buy spare parts for, after an item has been discontinued?

We guarantee the availability of spare parts for ten years after the product in question has been discontinued.

Where can I find information on spare parts and item numbers?

You will find spare parts with the appropriate item numbers both in our electronic spare parts catalogue and in the installation manual supplied with each product. If you have any other questions please use the contact form to get in touch with our technical service department. 

Showers, shower supports and shower sets

Can the riser pipe for Hansgrohe showerpipes be shortened?

Depending on the model, riser pipes can be adapted on request to suit the room layout and shortened if necessary. In principle, round riser pipes can be shortened. Rectangular riser pipes come in various lengths. Please refer to the installation manual supplied for more information.

My mixer or shower is dripping, what can I do?

When a mixer or shower is switched off, it is physically necessary for it to drip briefly. This is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the mixer or a warranty or guarantee claim.

The overhead shower’s gush spray is coming out of the shower unevenly. There is no longer an attractive spray pattern. What can I do?

Clean the opening for the gush spray, ideally using a plastic spatula. Turn on the water and pull the spatula right through the opening for the gush spray.
Any particles that are dislodged will be immediately washed away.

Where on the bath tub should I install the holder for the hand shower?

The hand shower should be installed so that it can be reached without any problem. You should be able to wash your hair while sitting, without having to hold the hand shower.

What option is available to secure/stabilise a long shower arm better?

An additional mounting plate is supplied with each G1/2 and G3/4 shower arm for better installation.

Can another slide be used on the Axor Starck wall bar?

Yes, the Unica´D wall rod slide no. 96190000 is compatible.

Why must a sealing screen be installed between shower hose and hand shower?

Sealing screens, which are included with each hand shower, must not be replaced by normal seals. Otherwise dirt, which is filtered out in the filter screen, gets washed into the mechanics of the shower. This leads to the QuickClean cleaning function breaking down or the sprays becoming clogged.

This YouTube video demonstrates how to clean the sealing screen.

Recently, only a small amount of water has been coming out of the hand shower. What can I do?

A dirty sealing screen can cause low flow performance. A YouTube video demonstrates how this can be easily cleaned.

Another possible cause could be limescale on the hand shower. This YouTube video demonstrates how to correctly remove the limescale.

Can the Raindance Royale overhead shower be connected to a single lever mixer?

The Raindance Royale overhead shower must be connected to a highflow thermostat, an iBox universal basics set (item number 01800180) and e.g. pre-fab set 15715000.

Which wall connection is required for the Raindance Royale overhead shower?

A DN 20 (G3/4) internal thread is required for connection.
Important: for light-weight constructions/stud walls, a wall or ceiling reinforcement must provided in the area of the overhead shower connection! The Raindance Royale overhead shower including shower arm weighs about 9 kg.

What installation is required to connect a Raindance Rainfall?

There are different options for installing a Raindance Rainfall. For more information on installation, please refer to the corresponding installation manuals for the products Raindance Rainfall and iBox universal.

The tiles have been cut out larger than the wall flanges. What can I do?

If the tile fitter has allowed for too much room around the connections for the bath filler, overhead or side showers, the universal wall flange item no. 06200000 can be used. The universal wall flange has a plastic insert for supporting heavy overhead showers and can be used for DN15 and DN20.
It has a diameter of 75 mm.

What installation is required to connect a Raindance Rainmaker?

Different versions can be used to install a Raindance Rainmaker. For more information on installation, please refer to the corresponding installation manuals for the Rainmaker square, Rainmaker round and iBox universal products.

What should be done if water is leaking from the air intake nozzles on the Raindance Rainmaker?

The spray disc or the boreholes in the air intake nozzles are limescaled or soiled. Please rub the jets (QuickClean) with a cloth and then unscrew the air nozzles (allen key 6 mm width A/F). Clean and descale these and screw in the air nozzles again gently (do not tighten hard).

This YouTube video demonstrates the correct procedure for descaling the overhead shower.

What can be done if the connection hoses to the Raindance Rainmaker are too short?

Pressure hose no. 94174000 (600 mm) can be used as an extension.

How do I install a wall bar in a corner?

To save space, the wall bar can also be positioned in a corner. The installation process is demonstrated in this YouTube video.

Steam cabins

How much fragrance is used in a steam bath?

The automatic fragrance dosage system consumes about 340 ml of fragrance every 30 minutes.
The following fragrances are currently available for the Pharo range:
eucalyptus, eucamint, lemon and pine.

Is it possible to retrofit a shelf or other fittings in an acrylic steam cabin?

It is not possible to attach fittings after installation!
On showers with a pre-existing Unica wall rod, a Cassetta soap dish can be installed or a second soap dish can also be attached.

Shower systems

What steps are required to install an Ecostat Select showerpipe?

The following YouTube video shows you the process for installing an Ecostat Select showerpipe/

I would like to install a showerpipe, but the bathroom is not fully tiled. Is there a solution for this?

You can get a tile compensation disk for showerpipes, which gives 7 mm adjustment. You can find the appropriate article number in the relevant installation manual.

A height-adjustable slide is required for the Axor showerpipe. Is that possible?

Yes, the diameter of the riser pipe is 22 mm.
This means the Unica`S slide no. 97651000 or the Unica`S slide no. 28672000 will fit.
Slide no. 96505xxx can be used for special finishes.

Why does the light on the shower panel no longer work manually using the pushbutton?

This could have two reasons:
1. The pipeline pressure (at least 0.8 bar flow pressure) is too low so the switch does not respond.
2. Another transformer has been used (one not included in the scope of delivery).

Why does the keypad of the shower panel not light up correctly and why is it not possible to adjust the motor?

If this error occurs with a newly installed shower panel, then it is highly probable that an incorrect transformer (electronic transformer) has been installed.
Remedy: exchange the installed transformer for the one originally supplied.

Why can the Lift shower panel not be raised or only be raised with difficulty?

Please check for the following:
- The cable ties on the connection hoses have not be removed
- The roller guide is bent or the glide rollers have not be adjusted
- There are faulty connections

Warranty and guarantee

How long is the warranty period for Hansgrohe products?

In principle, the buyer of a product has a warranty claim against the seller for a certain duration. Since Hansgrohe distributes its products to its customers exclusively via the 3-stage distribution channel, i.e. via wholesale trade and specialist dealership, this means the customer has a warranty claim primarily against the specialist dealership, i.e. against the seller, but not against the manufacturer. In case of any warranty claims, please contact the outlet where you purchased your product.

Does Hansgrohe offer a guarantee voluntarily in addition to the legal warranty?

Top quality is a fundamental component of Hansgrohe’s company philosophy. We therefore offer consumers a five-year voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee on our products. You can find the prerequisites and details of this guarantee in the Guarantee Conditions.

Base sets

Can the iBox also be installed horizontally into the edge of the tiles?

Yes, the iBox universal can also be installed into the edge of the tiles.
YouTube video gives you a step-by-step demonstration of how to do this.
However, please note the following: Horizontal installation is not possible in conjunction with a function block with safety combination.

How can the iBox universal be shut off during the first-fix phase when connected with the Exafill?

The iBox universal installation video gives you a full demonstration of all the steps.
The closure of the outlet to the Exafill in the iBox universal is shown in detail.
Further information can also be found in the iBox universal installation manual.

How are the pipelines flushed on the iBox universal?

Flush the entire installation according to DIN EN 806-4. The arrows on the flushing block show which inlet is connected with which outlet pipe, e.g. cold water with outlet 1 (bottom) and hot water with outlet 2 (top). If only one outlet is required, turn the flushing block by 90° after the first flush.

Click here for the full installation video for the iBox universal.

How is the iBox universal connected (cold/hot water)?

Position the iBox with the outlets horizontal and vertical. Make sure that the sticker with the min/max labelling is upright. It is important that cold water is connected on the right and hot water is connected on the left. Also make sure that the lower outlet is always connected first.

Click here for the full installation video for the iBox universal. This demonstrates how to position the iBox and what you need to be aware of during connection.

What is the best way of properly shortening the plastic sealing caps (e.g. on the iBox universal)?

The best way of properly cutting the plastic sealing caps is with an oscillating tool (e.g. Fein Multimaster). For more information, please see the iBox universal installation manual.

Cleaning and care

How do I clean my Hansgrohe products correctly?

We have compiled information on maintaining the sheen and function of Hansgrohe products over the long term: To the cleaning recommendations.


How do I remove limescale from my hand, overhead or side shower?

Place hand or overhead showers with the spray disc into a flat container. This should be filled with decalcification liquid one to two centimetres deep. Let the agent (in accordance with cleaning instructions in the relevant installation manual) act on the product for a maximum ten minutes. Then flush the showers thoroughly with lots of clean water and also rinse them well on the outside. You can cover side showers with a cloth soaked with quick descaler and after ten minutes rinse it well and flush it through with water.

The following videos, which we have put together on YouTube, demonstrate the correct way to descale hand or overhead showers:               


Where can I find information on suppliers and service providers?

All services and downloads for suppliers and service providers can be found in the supplier area of our corporate website www.hansgrohe.com/suppliers. Among other aspects, you will find information about our purchasing organisation and quality management, downloads such as the guide for first sampling, our factory standards or framework conditions.
To the supplier area

Thermostats and valves

What steps are required to install an Ecostat Select showerpipe?

In this video we show you the process for installing an Ecostat Select showerpipe.

The replacement handle for my concealed thermostat mixer is missing the mounting screw. How can I install the handle properly?

Since 2012, thermostat handles have been snap-on. The mounting screw is no longer necessary. Snap-on handles are simply clipped on and can be removed with a powerful tug whenever required.

Only cold or hot water is flowing out of a newly-installed thermostat mixer. What could be the cause of this?

One of the possible causes could be reversed connections for hot or cold water. The connection for hot water must be implemented from the left, and the connection for cold water from the right. On the iBox universal this can be checked easily with a central thermostat, for example. Function is guaranteed by rotating the function block 180°, reversed connections notwithstanding.

How can the installed non-return valves on thermostat no. 13550180 be dismantled?

Briefly allow the water to flow. The non-return valves then slip out.
If the mixer is not installed in direct proximity to the shut-off device, two people may be required for this job.

When installing the device with a thermostat, the outlet temperature is no longer correct. What can I do?

Correction is necessary if the temperature measured at the tap outlet differs from the temperature set on the thermostat. Take note of the following: turn the scale handle until water is discharged at the tap point at the desired temperature (38°C). Release the handle screw, pull the handle back and turn to 38°C. Then replace the handle and tighten the handle screw.

This YouTube video shows you all the steps required to correctly adjust the thermostat and set the safety function (scalding protection).

Is there a mounting base for the 2-hole bath tub thermostat?

No, there is no installation plate or mounting base for installing on a tile edge.
It is better to place the thermostat directly into the bath tub rim.
If this is not possible for technical reasons, the thermostat can be installed into a marble plate, for example. It is not necessary to access the base set under the bath tub rim for servicing.

The 2-hole thermostat buzzes and does not maintain the temperature. Why is that?

The non-return valve under the control unit is not installed.
Please install the non-return valve.

Why does the handle jam after assembling the pre-fab set?

The spindle adapter (plastic sleeve with the smaller diameter) is too long. Saw off the spindle adapter to the length specified in the installation manual.

Why can the water not be opened/closed or changed after installing the operating handles?

The handle can still be turned but without functioning. In this case, however, the spindle adapter (plastic sleeve with the smaller diameter) has been sawn off too short. You will find the spare parts number for the right threaded sleeve set in the relevant installation manual.

Is a pipe interrupter required for a thermostat if an Exafill is connected?

If the bath tub is filled via the waste set overflow, pursuant to DIN 1988 and DIN EN 1717, a pipe interrupter must be installed 150 mm above the highest possible dirty water level.

Is there a concealed thermostat or a special control unit for reversed connections?

The function block can be easily rotated by 180° on a concealed thermostat from Hansgrohe. You do not require any additional components, except if using the thermostat with shut-off and change-over. In this case, you require a differently printed wall flange. Simply dismantle the visible parts during conversion and release the four mounting screws on the function block after shutting off the water. Rotate the function block by 180° and reinstall it.

Is there an exposed thermostat or a special control unit for reversed connections?

No, there is no exposed thermostat for a reversed cold/hot water connection. Likewise there is no control unit available for reversed connections. Only the shower thermostat can be installed when rotated by 180° so that the connection for the shower hose points up.

Which control unit do I need as a spare part for the highflow concealed thermostats of the iBox universal?

Control unit no. 96633000 is required as spare part. This YouTube video demonstrates how you can replace the thermostat and adjust the spare part.

The handle of the shut-off/diverter valve on the thermostat is stiff. How can I solve this problem?

Stiff movement could be due to a number of causes. For example, deposits on the sealing surfaces can cause stiff movement. Please replace the component in accordance with the enclosed installation manual. You can find more information in our electronic spare parts catalogue.


The hydro nozzles in the whirlpool do not work, why?

Either the water level in the bath tub is too low, or the sensor sensitivity must be readjusted.

Whirlpool 300 and 700: why do the air nozzles whistle after a longer period of operation or during operation pauses when dry-blowing the air pipes?

The membranes of the air nozzles can become stuck with deposits and limescale.
Remedy: remove the air nozzle (only pushed on) and rub the red membrane located under the air nozzle with silicone grease or silicone oil.
Before re-installing the air nozzles, place the chrome parts in hot water (for about 5 minutes), then replace the red membranes and reassemble the air nozzles while still warm.

The hydrosystem on the whirlpool does not work at full power any more, why?

Probably the suction lock for the hydrosystem (non-return valve) is not leak-tight, meaning that the “wrong air” is being sucked in the entire time.

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