Easy descaling of Hansgrohe showers.

Professional maintenance and cleaning

These tips mean you can avoid complaints 

High-quality bathroom products need to be maintained, so as to counteract limescaling straight away. When doing this, in many cases bathroom customers go for the wrong type of agent: aggressive cleaning agents damage the products and reduce the performance that customers expect when they buy high-quality mixers and showers from Hansgrohe and Axor. This may lead to complaints, but you can avoid this as a bathroom professional by using the following tips and recommendations. So that the bathroom has a permanent shine and holds its value.

Correct cleaning is the decisive factor:

  • Robust cleaning methods and aggressive cleaning agents may not just damage surfaces, they can also affect the inner workings of the product.
  • Advise your customers that any damage caused by incorrect maintenance and cleaning is excluded from the warranty.
  • Be proactive in providing information for your customers about treating our products in a way which will maintain their value and so emphasise your service orientation.

The Hansgrohe quality laboratory tests cleaning and descaling agents

  • Spray some cleaning agent onto a cloth.
  • Descale the aerator.
  • Aerator in citric acid.
  • Shower head with limescale.
  • Descaling a shower head.
  • Descaling an overhead shower.
  • Hansgrohe quality laboratory tests spray cleaning agents.
  • Aggressive cleaning agents destroy plastics.
  • Know-how from Hansgrohe.

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