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We use EDI – Do you?

At Hansgrohe, we have recognised the benefits of EDI and are successfully employing this system. We remain in contact with our customers using EDI. This helps us lower costs for both parties and increase levels of satisfaction. Why not contact us by EDI as well?

What do I have to do to use EDI?

There are several technical options for working with EDI. Of course these also differ in respect of prices. The following lists three options of how you could use EDI.

  • EDI in-house solution
    With this solution, you buy your own EDI/EDIFACT system and have it installed on-site at your company.
  • EDI clearing centre
    EDI clearing centres are experienced EDI service providers who take over all EDI functionalities for you, such as conversion and processing of data. The EDI/EDIFACT system is therefore not directly on-site but at the clearing centre. e-integration is, for example, one of these service providers.
  • Online ordering system
    Many countries have the option of using EDI functionalities through the industry portal. For example, in Germany orders can be submitted and availability queries made through the SHK industry portal. However, with this solution there is no option of automatically integrating the data into your own ERP system.

Subsets – What message types does Hansgrohe use?

The following lists the message types supported by Hansgrohe and the associated specifications.

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