Hansgrohe shower truck number 3 on the road.

Shower truck

Whether at a festival, a sports event or a cultural event: Hansgrohe shower trucks provide fun with water on the road. The temporary sanitary facilities each contain 20 showers.


Hansgrohe shower truck 1 is divided into a women's and a men's area, each with ten showers and a changing area.

In Hansgrohe shower trucks 2 and 3, the divider is flexible and can be completely removed if necessary. If desired, two on-board changing areas can be provided – still leaving 14 available showers. These two shower trucks are equipped with a variety of different showers from Hansgrohe – e.g. Raindance and Rainfall. In shower truck 3, you can also test out Hansgrohe showerpipes.

All the trucks are quickly ready for use thanks to minimal assembly time, and have low levels of water and energy consumption thanks to the EcoSmart technology used in the showers. And Hansgrohe AirPower makes for an even more enjoyable experience using less water.

The mobile shower for your event

Hansgrohe shower trucks can provide refreshing stimulation for your event too. Would you like to make a booking? Please contact Christoph Schraub for detailed information.

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