Smart living: Feel relaxed in life

Digital progress with a focus on the human aspect

An increasing number of digital functions manage almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives using smart technology. The premium brand hansgrohe is proud to present two app-controlled smart living applications for the home. RainTunes pampers your customers with sensual showering. And the innovative water management system Pontos reliably protects you from water damage. So both innovations introduce a sense of relaxation and wellbeing to your customers’ day-to-day lives.

RainTunes: control multi-sensory shower scenarios via the app

Touch, see, hear and smell: hansgrohe has developed scenarios to make showers appeal to all senses, transforming showering into a personal attraction. These digital shower programs can get the day off to a great start or help with recovery after exercise. RainTunes can refresh users after a long day at work or add a relaxing meditation vibe to the evening.

  • Smartphone and hansgrohe home app: Both are needed to operate RainTunes. Simply select the shower scenario in the app and send it to the shower with one tap. The uploaded program can be started via the Play button. Let it run automatically and enjoy.
  • Seven preconfigured scenarios transform the shower into a multi-sensory and eventful place. With programs such as “Good morning”, “Nature” or “Good night”, showering becomes an invigorating kick, a spa-like experience or a sleep aid.
  • Numerous experts have helped hansgrohe to create the scenarios. Depending on the program, the user will see set sequences of images on a video screen. Acoustic soundscapes play in harmony with the respective choreographed water. And ambient LED lights bathe the bathroom in atmospheric light. Bursts of fragrance developed for the scenarios also pamper the olfactory system.

Sensual woman under shower.

SmartLiving by hansgrohe: The bathroom is entering a new era.

RainTunes will surprise with multi-sensory experiences

  • App-based showering for all senses.
  • Showering controlled by smartphone.
  • The hansgrohe “Good morning” shower program.
  • The hansgrohe “Relaxation” shower program.
  • The hansgrohe “Recovery” shower program.
  • The hansgrohe “Good night” shower program.
  • The hansgrohe “Nature” shower program.
  • RainButton by hansgrohe
  • RainPad by hansgrohe.

Pontos: The water management system that warns users via smartphone

Water leaks and damage are annoying for tenants and homeowners alike. They cause costly repairs, destroy valuable possessions or even mementos. This is where Pontos comes in: The new multi-talent for modern water management prevents water damage from the start. hansgrohe’s digital innovation ensures more safety at home and peace of mind when away from home. Pontos can detect leaking sinks, open dormer windows, burst pipes or flooding at lightning speed. Works even if there is a power outage.

  • The Pontos Base continuously checks the pipelines for water leaks and detects unwanted water consumption. It is connected to the water mains and monitors the property fastidiously. In the event of potential damage, the Base automatically shuts off the water supply and informs the user of the incident immediately via their mobile phone.
  • The round moisture sensors, called Pontos Scout, can be placed wherever there is a need to prevent damage through water leaks, frost, air humidity or unusual temperatures. Pontos sounds the alarm as soon as it detects damage or if self-defined limit values are exceeded.
  • An alarm and push notification via the hansgrohe home app notify the owner immediately, no matter where they are. So arrangements can be made straight away.
  • Pontos also measures water consumption, calculates statistics to promote the sustainable use of water and provides information on water hardness (all of this information can be read on the device’s display/smartphone).

Room monitoring with Pontos Base and Pontos Scout

  • Water management with Pontos Base.
  • Water management with hansgrohe Pontos.
  • Water detector on the washing machine.
  • Water detector in the pantry.
  • Water detector under the sink.
  • Water management with hansgrohe Pontos.

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