Boy showers with dog; sBox bath tub.

hansgrohe sBox for the bath tub

Neat solution for renovation and new builds

The bath tub is a relaxing oasis. A retreat for your customers, where they can enjoy a revitalising break. “Uncluttered” aesthetic bathroom design is gaining in popularity. The sBox bath tub hose coiling system on the bath tub makes sure the shower hoses are out of the way, guaranteeing no visual or tactile interruptions during use. The freedom to move gets even greater when combined with a concealed installation pre-fab set.

Bye, shower hose! Tucking away, not tangling

Uncluttered and convenient: a shower hose that disappears out of sight in the bath tub rim, where it is coiled up and awaits its next use. When your customer next wants a shower, they can easily and quickly pull it out again, up to a convenient 1.45 metres. With the hansgrohe sBox bath tub, the hose guide is controlled, protected and safe. In other words, no twisting or tangling. It is easy to handle and requires little traction or holding force.

The sBox bath tub: high-quality all-in-one system with fast installation

The new hansgrohe coiling system is fast, convenient and safe to install. As a professional, you will love the optimisations: In a two-step installation process with the basic and pre-fab set, the sBox bath tub is fully integrated into the bath tub rim or tiled surface where it takes up little space. After installation, only the metal flange is visible from the outside. Your customers will love the smooth, easy to maintain surfaces and extremely low maintenance, which means very few complaints.

More attractive and customised bath tub design

The sBox bath tub is universally compatible – the only prerequisite is that the bath tub rim is wider than 71 mm. Your customers can choose between two beautiful flange shapes, rectangular or oval, depending on the best match for their bathroom taps. The sBox bath tub enables the hand shower to be placed anywhere along the bath tub rim. Your customers can choose the shower of their choice from the broad hansgrohe hand shower range.

The sBox bath tub: Easier handling in the bathroom and kitchen

The closed sBox bath tub system replaces the old Secuflex bath tub system in concealed bathroom installations. The sBox bath tub has made many impressive improvements on its predecessor:

  • 30% longer hose extension
  • 50% less traction
  • 60% less holding force

Have you seen the sBox at work in the kitchen? The smart pulley system tidies up the sink’s base unit in hansgrohe sink combi units and makes it easy for the hose on the pull-out tap to glide in and out.

hansgrohe sBox for the bath tub, basic set.

The shower hose can be easily pulled out and concealed again with the sBox bath tub.

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