New kitchen products from hansgrohe

The main focus: convenience at the kitchen sink

Three excellent hansgrohe innovations will transform the kitchen sink into a convenient place to get things done for your customers. The M42 kitchen tap series offers high-end quality at an attractive price – making it even easier to upgrade the tap at the sink. Friends of the hand spray (they are growing in number) are delighted by the elaborate 2Spray Select operating function for one-handed water control. And high-quality kitchen accessories ensure a smoother workflow.

The hansgrohe 2Spray Select operating function.
hansgrohe is upgrading its M71 and M51 kitchen tap ranges with the 2Spray Select control function. What does this mean for your customers? The water can be started/stopped on the hand spray itself (using the Select push button) AND users can switch to a different jet type here (with the switch button). This one-handed operation optimises the workflow and is an efficient use of water.
hansgrohe, the convenient M42 kitchen tap.
With a modern and organic design paired with precision edges, the new M42 kitchen taps enhance any setting. The diverse range has an impressive array of functional details and gives your customers plenty of room to get things done at the sink. M42 comes with an attractive price tag and makes it extremely easy to replace existing taps.
hansgrohe cutting board and soap dispenser.
hansgrohe is offering two new products for the sink to add extra tactile, visual and functional flair to the sink for your customers: The hardwood cutting board, which can also be used as a convenient work surface on top of the basin, and the soap dispenser that is flush-mounted in the worktop.

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