Graphite black granite built-in sinks.

Granite sinks: an even wider range for modern kitchens

The new sinks are robust and offer a whole host of design options

Granite sinks are on trend. The interplay of durability and a wonderful feel is appealing to both kitchen fans and home owners. Impress your customers with the hansgrohe range of granite sinks for the heart of the kitchen: the robust quality, elegant appearance and range of sizes and designs are strong selling points. But the granite sinks also impress with their natural look: the material SilicaTec is made up of 80% quartz sand, the hardest component in granite. The natural colours fit perfectly into any modern kitchen style. The wide variety of configuration options allows you to offer your customers the perfect customised solution for their kitchens.

Top selling points for hansgrohe granite sinks:

  • Robust. The high quality material is both durable and impact-resistant. This makes SilicaTec perfect for everyday kitchen chores: customary kitchen utensils won’t leave any scratches behind.
  • Hygienic. hansgrohe SilicaTec is extremely hygienic. Bacteria is not able to penetrate the surface or “hide” in pores. This also makes the sink odourless.
  • Stain-resistant. The granite sink is impervious to stains from foodstuffs: an advantage of the homogeneous, sealed surface which nothing can penetrate!
  • Heat and UV-resistant. hansgrohe SilicaTec meets the highest requirements of DIN EN 13310 with regard to heat resistance. At the same time, the granite sink is resistant to sunlight (UV rays) and won’t fade.
  • Low maintenance. hansgrohe granite sinks are really easy to clean thanks to the lotus-effect, non-porous surfaces, which always leave a clean impression.
  • Versatile use. hansgrohe granite sinks are available in different colours and sizes, either as a surface-mounted or undermounted design. Dual or single sink with or without a draining board: with this range, you will have the right option for your customer’s kitchen.
  • Durable. The material is wonderfully durable, guaranteeing you will enjoy your new sink unit for years to come.

Granite sinks – more options for modern kitchens

  • Granite sinks and surrounds merge into one.
  • Sink in colourfast concrete grey.
  • Granite under-mounted sink for contrast.
  • Fitted sink seamlessly combined.
  • Hansgrohe granite sink with draining board.
  • Granite sink with lotus effect.

Other advantages of our granite sinks

Hansgrohe granite sinks come in various sizes and shapes for perfect combination with different tap designs. Graphite black granite sinks are also available as complete combined sink units: Hansgrohe makes combinations with this material design even easier for you.

An installer's dream: The clamping technology of the fastening clamps makes them particularly easy to install. The matching accessories protect the material as less pressure is applied. Also, a diamond drill bit is included in the scope of delivery for making individual bores.

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