Axor Montreux in the oriental bathroom

Timeless accents in chrome

Axor mixers installed in two themed bathrooms

“I'll only move in here if there is space for a bath tub.” That was the condition imposed by the customer when she and her partner put the building on their short-list. She got her wish. Although they both spent days on end looking for the perfect spot for this bath tub. They found what they were looking for on the second floor of the residence, which dates back to the year 1910 – in the old kitchen. “The water connections were all there”, explained the buyer. “I was familiar with the generous spatial concept of Axor Urquiola and suggested to my partner that we should design a bathroom without any partition walls or doors.” She was really enthusiastic about it. So they made up their minds to purchase the property. Pretty much on account of the bath tub.

Seamless transition between bathing and living areas

As soon as the purchase was finalised, the renovation work began. The owners planned and designed their new home in Southern Germany all by themselves. They set design highlights in the form of two themed bathrooms: an oriental bathroom featuring the bath tub mentioned, and a guest toilet with a Wild West theme. The hammam-style bathroom is approximately twelve square metres in size and opens onto the living room, where there is a comfortable couch. This merging feel-good and bathing environment extends across the entire living area and also offers access to the bedroom. The house also has a second bathroom and another guest toilet – each with a shower installed.

Unusual finds and themed corners

The home-owners have an obvious penchant for themed areas, so all floors have been designed with a humorous touch. For example, there's a church orchestra and a teddy bear lounge. Guests pause and marvel at these finds from all over the world, for example in the toilet, which was designed saloon-style à la Dodge City. Fortunately, life is peaceful here: the bathroom is rarely in use around “high noon”, and in any case the rifles aren't loaded. Great idea: the guest wash basin is integrated into an old bedside table.

Wild West guest WC: 4 m²
Oriental bathroom: approx. 3x4 m
Hansgrohe comfort highlight: ComfortZone.
Innovative Hansgrohe technologies: EcoSmart, AirPower and QuickClean.
Ceramics and base unit: Laufen (bathroom wash basin), Viega (bath tub), Alape (WC wash basin)

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