Bathroom in old building with Axor Showerpipe.

Elegant refurbishment of an old building

Renovating a bathroom and using a showerpipe to set design accents

Renovation of an old building provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the living environment while preserving a lot of the existing features that are worth keeping. In many cases, solutions are required to deal with unusual floor plans and special technical considerations. Modern-day convenience needs to be seamlessly integrated into the style world of the bathroom customer, and combined stylishly with the existing items.

Renovating a bathroom using modern exposed installation systems is particularly easy. Showerpipes can often be fitted onto existing connections, offering your bathroom customer extra showering comfort without the need for any major structural work. The combination of overhead and hand shower in conjunction with a thermostat offers the customer a completely new experience, even in a traditional bath tub. Old building details such as stucco walls and ceilings are skilfully accentuated with the right choice of design. The winning combination of modern mixers and antique bathroom furnishings creates appealing contrasts of old and new and retains the original charm of an apartment in an old property.

Small shower solutions can become more spacious by being opened up into other areas. Thus, in the floor plan shown above, only a small wall separates the floor-level shower from the wash basin and, like the additional pedestal in front of the wall, offers a place to sit as well as shelf space.

The most beautiful way to combine old and new

Thanks to its universal design, the showerpipe fits in really well with a fusion of styles, both in terms of the bath tub and also the floor-level shower in the featured bathroom in this old building. The shower system blends in equally well with the basin mixers and wash basin, which are in other styles. The renovation of the old building shown here was implemented using Axor ShowerProducts designed by Front. Variants demonstrate how other Axor products blend in smoothly with the existing features and set contemporary accents in the old building.

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