Neugrüen housing development in Switzerland

Neugrüen in Switzerland – a housing development off to a cool start

Model housing development for green building saves energy with Hansgrohe's CoolStart technology

The project involves Switzerland's largest sustainable housing development: Neugrüen, on the outskirts of Mellingen. When constructing the apartments and terraced houses, the highest Swiss standards for the energy consumption of real estate were complied with (Minergie label).

Bathroom mixers featuring Hansgrohe's CoolStart technology help contribute to the merits of the green model housing development. These automatically reduce hot water consumption, and thus also energy consumption, in the 130 apartments and 38 terraced single-family houses.

The energy-saving function of the Hansgrohe Metris S basin mixer is based on a surprisingly simple operating concept: when the handle is in its customary central position only cold water flows out, which means that the piping system does not fill up unnecessarily with hot water. Hot water flows when it is actually needed, whenever the handle is turned to the left. CoolStart from Hansgrohe therefore reduces the burden on residents' wallets and on the environment too – without compromising in terms of comfort.

The housing development, located around 30 km west of Zurich, conforms to the sustainability criteria in many ways: all the homes in Neugrüen were developed in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient timber construction. The system of open spaces and streets adheres to the concept of a housing development with non-motorised transport (so-called “Langsamverkehrssiedlung”). Public buildings, shopping facilities and other infrastructure are all designed according to the principle of short transport routes. It goes without saying that there is good accessibility to public transportation. Small wonder, then, that the “village within the city” is considered a particularly attractive place to live, both for a lot of young families and also for older people.

Location:          Mellingen, Switzerland
Architects:        Dietrich Schwarz Architekten, Zurich (Switzerland)
Products:         Hansgrohe Metris S with CoolStart technology
Technology:     CoolStart
Photos:            Copyright © Neugrüen housing development
                          / www.neugrü /

Impressions from Switzerland's Neugrüen housing development


The concept of sustainability extends into the bathrooms of the newly built apartments and houses, where Hansgrohe CoolStart technology is used

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