Contents of the Hansgrohe EcoSmart Check package

The hansgrohe EcoSmart Check package

Check your savings potential: everything you need is in this package

This package is well worth paying for – but we are giving it to you for free. In it you will find everything you need to determine the savings potential in your bathroom, conveniently and easily.

Request your free EcoSmart Check package now:

    Do the EcoSmart Check now

    Using the EcoSmart technology, you can achieve greater water and energy savings in 4 steps. Try it out in your bathroom quickly and easily:
    using the measurement values from the EcoSmart Check, calculate how much money you can save in the hansgrohe savings calculator, and how quickly the investment will pay for itself.

    Determine water and energy savings for the basin mixer

    • Measuring cup in the wash basin, filled up with water for 10 seconds.
    • Take the old aerator off the mixer spout.
    • Hansgrohe EcoSmart flow limiter and the old mixer.
    • Place the measuring cup under the basin mixer and fill up for 10 seconds once again.

    Determine water and energy savings for the shower

    • Let water flow out of the hand shower and into the measuring cup for 10 seconds.
    • Then remove the hand shower from the shower hose.
    • Connect up the Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green hand shower and the hose.
    • Fill up the measuring cup for 10 seconds using the new hand shower.

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