EcoSmart offers you clear cost savings: lower water and energy consumption

The EcoSmart hotel campaign is getting the hospitality industry into shape

Lower water and energy consumption with EcoSmart products results in cost savings – test them out now

Find out just how much money you can save using the EcoSmart Check package from hansgrohe. It contains everything you need to calculate the efficiency improvements waiting to be discovered in your bathroom.

EcoSmart Check package

Check out your savings potential with everything that you need for testing efficiency

Screen from the Hansgrohe savings calculator

Calculate potential savings – on your computer or mobile device

WELL label

Cost savings documented and certified

International certifications and building seals are becoming increasingly important. The WELL efficiency label, for example, shows how Hansgrohe products can save water and energy and thus lower your consumption costs.

Mixer with EcoSmart technology

hansgrohe products put an end to wasteful water and energy consumption that pushes up costs. Without sacrificing any comfort.

Here you can find out all about the hansgrohe EcoSmart Check package and EcoSmart products

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